NAMGIN 45%vol | 375ml

Namibia’s Original Dry Gin – Devils Claw45%vol Winner of Silver Medal SAN FRANCISCO World Spirits Competition 2018.

NAMGIN Devil’s Claw – The magic of the desert in a glass – a real drink for your soul and body. Enjoy the NAMGIN pure at room temperature, on ice or in a long drink of your choice. Pamper your senses with the combination of the NAMGIN and a delicious espresso or a piece of dark chocolate.

NAMGLINT 36%vol | 375ml

Gin Liqueur – 36%vol

We have married an old family herbal liqueur recipe with our Gin, the result of which is our smooth NAMGLINT. Fresh fruit characters and slight rose colour puts the GLINT in your eyes. How to serve: any time as a digestive

DANDY 38%vol | 375ml

Matured Date Spirit – 38%vol

Our „Dandy“ has a unique character in that it is matured in an oak barrel. It is a true Namibian speciality. How to serve: On its own as a digestive, with an espresso and fine bitter chocolate or combined with your favourite mixer to create a unique cocktail.

MATISA 40%vol | 375ml

Prickly-Pear Fine Spirit – 40%vol

Bronze Medal in 2011 (Destillata-Vienna)

An unique mature fruity taste from the coloured kaleidoscope of finest Namibian prickly pears fruits „MATISA“ – this word reflects the sincerity of our Namibian people when being ask: “How are you?” How to serve: On its own as a digestive, or mixed with lime/lemon juice, lemonade and soda for a refreshing “sundowner” drink.

NAMRUM 38%vol | 375ml


Rum– 38%vol

This is a Rum, using the age-old method of fermenting molasses, but with a Namibian twist: Devil’s Claw. How shall we describe the experience? Not too sweet, not too spicy! Can be enjoyed on the rocks, or with a mixer of your choice.

NAPPA 40%vol | 375ml

Namibia’s „Grappa“ – Fine Spirit – 40%vol Silver Medal in 2012 (Destillata-Vienna)

A fragrant “Grappa” brandy of Namibian origin – therefore NAPPA! The taste is balanced and complex with a flavor profile similar to cognac distilled from the pomace of the French variety „Colombar“, grown in Omaruru and matured in an oak barrel. It should be enjoyed without any mixer – below room temperature but not cold.

Winemaker and Distiller Michael Weder

In 2007, when the oldest wine farm in Namibia, the KRISTALL KELLEREI near Omaruru in the heart of the Erongo Mountains, was up for sale, Michael Weder and his wife decided to take up the challenge to cultivate white and red wine vines under the special conditions of the desert climate with 330 days of sunshine and sandy soils.

After twelve years of experience, the result can be savoured in the uniqueness of the wines. The production of dry white wine from the French Colombard grape variety, which leaves every wine connoisseur surprised by the exceptionally high alcohol content of 14,7-17% vol, is currently the focus.

French Colombard | Tinta Barocca

However, Michael Weder’s true passion lies in the creation of fine spirits from the fruit varieties cultivated in Namibia, like the date, pomegranate, prickly-pear and the endemic Kavango Orange. Each of these specialities from Namibia have become an insider tip for connoisseurs and collectors on the European market. The awards received in recent years, like at the DESTILLATA in Vienna (2011) for the NAPPA, the Namibian Grappa matured on oak and the prickly-pear fine spirit MATISA, were amongst the first appreciations of his pioneering achievement. In 2018, the NAMGIN with Namibian devil’s claw won the silver medal among 2200 participating fine spirits at the WORLD SPIRITS COMPETITION in San Francisco. 

NAMGIN Teufelskralle | NAMGLINT

Best Of Our Works

NAMGIN  Devils Claw being awarded  a Silver medal in a group of 2,200 spirits, the largest  number of entries in the competitions 18-year history – with highly discerning judges. 

What does it mean to medal?
According to the SFWSC: products awarded a Silver medal are outstanding in their category.

They show refinement, finesse, and complexity. They are among the best examples of their particular category. 

NamGin  will  be featured in the August 2018 issue of The Tasting Panel Magazine in California – USA


MATISA – Elderflower an apple Collins

50ml Matisa spirit

100ml fresh pressed apple juice

25ml Lavender syrup (MONIN)

2 squeezed lime wedges

Shake and strain all ingredients into a tall glass

over ice and charge with soda water

Garnish with an apple fan (halve an apple,

thinly slice 3 pieces and fan them out)





50ml Date spirit

50ml cabernet sauvignon wine

25ml Antica formula (Rosso Vermouth)

2 dashes angostura bitters

50ml cranberry juice

12.5ml Organic sugar syrup

Kahlua soaked wood chips (placed on a board and flamed to create smoke, extinguish by placing the glass over the burning chips, the smoke will add a subtle flavour to the drink)

Shake and strain the ingredients and pour over crushed ice into a tumbler/whiskey glass

Garnish with a dark cocoa chocolate piece

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